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Changes to Next Star Artist Competition

Changes to Next Star Artist Competition

Hi all,

I hope that everyone is well.  As the Next Star Artist competition is an entirely new concept there were bound to be some areas that needed tweaking.  The first change is the removal of the condition of entry that the winner of the competition must donate an artwork to the artmarketblog.com art collection.  For those people out there that were opposed to the winner being required to donate an artwork, (even though there is no entry fee and I am doing this purely for artists) the winner DOES NOT have to donate an artwork now.
I am also proposing a change to the judging structure whereby the winner will be chosen from the ten finalists by a group of judges (30 or so) as opposed to a public vote.  Each of the judges would be sent the list of finalists and would then make their choice with the winner being the artist who receives the most votes.  If anyone opposed this change to the judging structure or has another suggestion please let me know.

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of http://www.artmarketblog.com, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.