Herb Williams Wins Next Star Artist Competition


Contact: Nicholas Forrest
Telephone Number: +61 2 94777130
Email Address: info@artnotice.com
Web site address: http://www.artmarketblog.com

Herb Williams Wins Next Star Artist Competition

American artist Herb Williams has been announced as the winner of the 2008 Next Star Artist competition (www.nextstarartist.com), the global search for the visual artist with the highest potential for success in the art market. The winner of the competition was chosen by a panel of fifteen judges that consisted of influential people from various sectors of the art world.

Herb Williams is a Nashville, Tennessee based sculptor whose innovative use of crayons to construct highly tactile and engaging sculptures are impressive to say the least and attracted plenty of attention from the Next Star Artist judges. According to his website (www.herbwilliamsart.com), Williams is the “only individual in the world with an account with Crayola”. As the winner of the competition, Williams will receive an amazing promotion and PR package that includes, amongst other things, a solo online exhibition, an online media blitz, and three months of mentoring, advice and promotion by art consultant and art market analyst Nicholas Forrest.

“The reason that I created the Next Star Artist competition is that I come across so many fantastic artists who either do not have the skills to promote themselves or are just not in a position to take advantage of the promotional opportunities that are available. I would like to congratulate Herb Williams for winning the first Next Star Artist competition and would also like to thank all the artist’s who entered the competition and wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavours” Nicholas Forrest (founder of Next Star Artist competition)


For more information visit the Next Star Website at http://www.artmarketblog.com or email Nicholas Forrest at info@artnotice.com

One response to “Herb Williams Wins Next Star Artist Competition

  1. Brilliant choice. I guess my favorite from the few examples I saw on his site is the cascading crayons, seemingly floating in air.

    Some see crayons others a whole new medium. You have to love the creative soul.

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