Next Star Artist Competition Finalists Announced

Next Star Artist Competition Finalists Announced

Sydney, Australia – The search for the world’s Next Star Artist heated up on Sunday night when the ten finalists of the Next Star Artist competition ( for visual artists were announced. Artists from all over the world took part in the competition which aims to identify a visual artist who has the potential for success but needs guidance and direction to succeed.

The winning entry will be chosen from the ten finalists by an esteemed panel of judges all of whom have the knowledge and experience to determine which of the finalists has the greatest potential for art market success. The winner will be announced on the 27th of June and will receive three months of mentoring by art critic, art market analyst and art consultant Nicholas Forrest as well as an extensive online publicity and promotion package.

More than 250 visual artists from all over the world submitted their work to the controversial competition that was started by Sydney, Australia based art market analyst and art critic Nicholas Forrest. Frustrated with the large number of talented visual artists that go unrecognised, Mr. Forrest took on the challenge of finding and mentoring an artist who had the potential for future stardom and a hunger for success which resulted in the creation of the Next Star Artist competition.

In announcing the finalists Mr. Forrest said “Although I am unable to assist anywhere near as many of the talented but unrecognised visual artists as I would like, the Next Star Artist competition will at least provide one more source of encouragement for the world’s visual artists.”

The ten Next Star Artist competition finalists are:

-Eunice Lieveld

-Zoe Crosse

-Elizabeth Wallace

-Simon Wright

-Hou Chien Cheng

-Seamus Nolan

-Herb Williams

-Volkan Diyaroglu

-Heidi Taillefer

-Monika Bielskyte

For more information visit the Next Star Artist website at

2 responses to “Next Star Artist Competition Finalists Announced

  1. I think the art direction is more and more going towards comtempory and nudity…

  2. competearound

    Congrats participants…See more Art competitions

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