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Ten Finalists to be Announced June 8th 2008

The search for the world’s Next Star Artist ( is about to heat up with the ten finalists to be announced on the 8th of June. Once the finalists have been selected from the more than 250 entries, a top secret judging panel will assess the ten finalists and decide which entry possesses the greatest potential for future stardom.

The Next Star Artist competition is the brainchild of art market analyst, art critic and art consultant Nicholas Forrest who became frustrated with the huge number of talented visual artists being ignored by the art market. In recognition of the unrecognised talent, Mr Forrest decided to start an art competition that focused on commercial potential and saleability as opposed to traditional art competitions which focus more on aesthetic attributes.

According to Mr. Forrest, “The reason that I created the Next Star Artist competition is that I come across so many fantastic artists who either do not have the skills to promote themselves or are just not in a position to take advantage of the promotional opportunities that are available. I have undertaken extensive research on the promotional opportunities available to artists and have successfully promoted several artists online using various different techniques. The success that I have had has been extremely encouraging and has given me the knowledge and tools needed to implement the Next Star Artist competition. I am extremely excited to be able to offer this opportunity to the world art community and wish all the entrants the best of luck.”

Artists from all over the world submitted entries to the Next Star Artist competition which closed on the 23rd of May with the hope of winning the major prize of three months of mentoring and promotion by art consultant Nicholas Forrest. The winner will be announced on the 27th of June on the Next Star Artist Website at

For more information visit contact Nicholas Forrest by email at



  1. Catelin Mathers-Suter

    These artists are great! What a refreshing site!

  2. I need an investor for my art work, please contact me, thank

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  4. If any artists are interested in selling limited editions of their art please take a look at our site for more info. We’re keen to bring in some fresh talent! Cheers!

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