Next Star Artist Competition Deadline

Next Star Artist Competition Deadline

Hi everyone,

Entries for the Next Star Artist competition ( will close in one weeks time (23rd May) so if you are planning on entering you should probably do so asap.  You can find all the details at but basically all you need to do to enter is send a brief bio, artist statement and three images to

Nicholas Forrest

5 responses to “Next Star Artist Competition Deadline

  1. i am artist and sculptor www

  2. Dear sir,

    i want send entry to Next Star Artist Competition. Can i send the image of sold painting?

  3. where are the terms and conditions I can’t read them and agree to them as I can’t find them.
    Gina Parr May 20th 2008

  4. Dear Mohan,
    You can send an image of a sold painting

    Nicholas Forrest

  5. Dear Gina,

    The terms and conditions are at

    Nicholas Forrest

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