Judging of Ten Finalists for Next Star Artist Competition

My original solution to deciding the winner of the competition was to open voting to the public via a public poll but I am beginning to have second thoughts about this method. The other option is to enlist the services of around 30 art market professionals to judge the ten finalists and decide on the winner. If anyone has any thoughts as to the best and most fair method of deciding the winner from the ten finalists please let me know. Any thoughts would be most welcome.


7 responses to “Judging of Ten Finalists for Next Star Artist Competition

  1. I would go with the art professionals, myself. And not just marketers. Maybe also enlist the services of art teachers, curators and dealers.
    I’d go as far afield as I could to find them, as well, to get a truly balanced group that would be open to new work, and not just variants on the same old thing.

  2. Wishful Thinking………..
    Why not have “real” people vote for the “next star?” You know, the people who might actually buy the stuff…Do we really need to pander to the same old elitist group of art intellectuals and professionals?

  3. Hi Colleen and Lia,

    Thanks for the comments. I am going to take both of your advice and try and get a group of judges that includes people from various different sectors of the art world as well as people who are not employed in the art world yet are interested in art such as art collectors.

    Nicholas Forrest

  4. Hi Nicholas,

    Perhaps you can do weighted voting to include both public voting and expert voting.

  5. Sounds like a good idea Adam, will look into it

  6. I say get a group of art students to choose!

  7. ClaudiaRey

    Well it’s a very tricky issue…
    For instance, Conceptual Art is taken by general public as not serious…or even bull shit…which is fair enough, thank God for The Galleries, Critics, Professionals and our Conceptual Contemporaries, we exist.
    General public can judge someone like Jeff Koons , Basquiat or Volken…etc etc and etc… as a piss take or something like that.
    And I’m sorry, it would be pure ignorance on the Art’s subject, which again it’s Ok.
    Just depends of the level of Art this Contest is willing for????
    Is it Art for Art’s Sake or it would have ‘rules’?
    Art+rules are very bad Maths on the Arts on my oppinion.
    I believe more professionals and a bit of public would be a quite healthy combination.
    Best Luck

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