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Changes to Next Star Artist Competition

Changes to Next Star Artist Competition

Hi all,

I hope that everyone is well.  As the Next Star Artist competition is an entirely new concept there were bound to be some areas that needed tweaking.  The first change is the removal of the condition of entry that the winner of the competition must donate an artwork to the art collection.  For those people out there that were opposed to the winner being required to donate an artwork, (even though there is no entry fee and I am doing this purely for artists) the winner DOES NOT have to donate an artwork now.
I am also proposing a change to the judging structure whereby the winner will be chosen from the ten finalists by a group of judges (30 or so) as opposed to a public vote.  Each of the judges would be sent the list of finalists and would then make their choice with the winner being the artist who receives the most votes.  If anyone opposed this change to the judging structure or has another suggestion please let me know.

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

Judging of Ten Finalists for Next Star Artist Competition

My original solution to deciding the winner of the competition was to open voting to the public via a public poll but I am beginning to have second thoughts about this method. The other option is to enlist the services of around 30 art market professionals to judge the ten finalists and decide on the winner. If anyone has any thoughts as to the best and most fair method of deciding the winner from the ten finalists please let me know. Any thoughts would be most welcome.

Next Star Artist FAQ

Next Star Artist Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are you?

A. My name is Nicholas Forrest and I am an art critic, art market analyst, art consultant and art collector from Sydney, Australia. I spend most of my time writing about art (see, advising on art investment and the art market, giving talks and being interviewed. If you want to know more about me check out the About page on this blog or search for “Nicholas Forrest” (keep quotation marks) on google. If you have any further questions you can email me at or send a message through the Art Market Blog at

Q. What’s the point?

A. The primary aim of the competition is to provide a boost to the career of a talented and motivated emerging artist. I see so many artists who have amazing talent and potential but do not have the opportunity to further their career and become successful. I also see the competition as a means of providing validation and motivation for artists, not just as a means to an end. Another one of the motives behind this competition is to prove that an artist can be famous, popular and successful without losing any of their artistic integrity or compromising their own unique approach.

Q. I am not sure if I am eligible to enter, what should I do?

A. The entry criteria are available at but are not totally set in stone. If you are unsure as to your eligibility, just enter anyway. You never know!!

Q. What is the prize?

A. Prize details are available at

Q. How is the winner chosen?

A. After entries close on the 23rd of May ten finalists will be chosen by myself. A public vote will then determine the winner from the ten finalists.

Q. I don’t agree with the commercial focus, what should I do?

A. Get over it!!

Q. Why does the winner have to donate an artwork?

A. The reason that I have required the winner to donate an artwork to the art collection is because I want to ensure that the winner is willing to make the level of commitment required for the competition to be a success for the winning artist. The success of the competition relies on the ability of the winner to make the commitment to the promotional opportunities provided to the winner.

Q. How do I enter?

A. Entry details are available at

I will be updating this list of questions on a regular post so if you have a question you would like answered please ask the question using the comment form for this post.